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New Classes for Hifz Progam

Darussalam Masjid institute is pleased to start new Hifz classes for boys and girls after a very successful year of the first Hifz class (boys). This is a comprehensive Program for Memorizing Holy Quran by Tajweed including Islamic studies. Progression in Hifz is very much dependent on the individual’s ability. However, our aim of this program is that all Hifz class students to complete the memorization of the Quran within a maximum of three academic years.

Admission procedures of the course

1. Minimum age is 10 years old

2. Can read the Quran from the Kitab(the Holy book)

3. Availability of the scheduled time 

4. Must pass the admission test

Daily activities of the Hifz Program

1.New memorized lesson

2.Every day recitation of the previously memorized Quran

3. A session of Islamic studies including fiqh, Aatab , Akhlaaq, Ahadith and Islamic history.

4. A test is taken every three months from the previous memorization

5. Mid exam within months and a final exam at the end of the year.


If you would like to register your son/daughter please contact the Darussalam administration office.


Tell: 02086160047