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Important Announcement regarding Corona Virus


As-Salamu Alaykum
Dear Brothers and sisters .

Darussalam Masjid will be closed until further notice

Following a board and management meeting at Darussalam today, the last salah will be Isha 19 March 2020 until furthernotice .

Due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic and the risk it presents to ALL communities and based on advice from numerous organisations, Darrusalam masjid will be temporarily SUSPENDING Jumu’ah prayers from 20th March until furthernotice.

This means:
– no congregation daily prayers
– no Jumm’ah (Friday) prayer
– no Classes or Halaqah’s
until such time guidance is established that it is safe to resume.

We know that many regular worshippers at the Masjid, whose hearts are attached to the House of Allah (swt) will feel the pain of this development. We can assure all members of our community that this decision will remain under constant review and that the Masjid will open when it is safe to do so.

We will continue to monitor government advice, as well as consulting experts and scholars on a regular basis.

May Allah protect us all, and please stay safe. Ameen

Darussalam committee

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