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Darussalam Masjid

Prayer times Darussalam Masjid & Culture Centre

Darussalam masjid & Culture centre was established in 2009 with the large increase of Muslims in Southall, Hayes and Hounslow. This centre is in the heart of west London where its services over 1500 Muslims who come to Friday prayers and over 600 students who attend madrasah and hifdh program. This also services the youth with activities and events. Darussalam masjid is one of the few masjids that offers funeral services in west London. Our community is powered by young adults who run most services, which shows our willingness to invest into the future of our ummah.  

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News And Events

Prayer times Darussalam Masjid & Culture Centre

Daily Activities

our Madrasah

The Madrasah is one of the prime services we provide for our local community. We aim to provide our students with high standards of education in Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies

Tibyān Institute

Tibyān Institute was launched in August 2018 with the aim of providing quality Qur’an classes to mature students. The Halaqat in Tibyān intends to teach students of the Qur’an the precise rules of Tajweed with the aim of producing future Imams.

Funeral Services

We have carried out funeral services for our Muslim community since 2014. We provide a caring and compassionate service that treats the deceased with the utmost respect.

Hifdh Program

The Hifdh Program consists of a thorough memorisation of the Qur’an, with a strong emphasis on daily revision and the science of Tajweed.

Our vision And Mission

To create safe environment

To develop and rise young generations.

To unite our community

To make people understand and get upon the Quran and the sunnah of the prophet SAW.