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Darussalam Masjid

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Sisters Program

There is a sisters youth programme which is held at the masjid typically every school holiday. The youth programme runs halaqaat, activities and interactive sessions for the sisters to promote sisterhood and improving their relationship with Allah.

This sister group was created to help create a safe space for our younger sisters seeking help, sisterhood and wanting to get closer to Allah. Creating this environment for them means we can help them attain a relationship with Allah and allow them to see how beautiful the sisterhood is and, in the process, better themselves too.’’


Darussalam Youth primarily wishes to serve the Islamic community, with an emphasised desire to give children access to a balanced education that covers both a religious and non-religious curriculum, which will prepare them for life, as a good and productive individual in the society. 


To provide an array of activities that will be focused mainly on the youth in both the educational and non-educational spheres. We provide a range of quality resources and culturally inclusive services for the communities.